The main objective of CCTCA is to create events and happenings within the Cockburn Town Centre for all residents of the City of Cockburn.

As we are surrounded by apartments, we have a lot of residents in a very small area. These residents form a community of mixed race and diversity, old and young with a large contrast in interests. It is our aim to supply an interesting event, close to home, that is attractive for all concerned.

It is not the objective of CCTCA to raise lots of money, in fact quite the opposite. Most of our events are free for the community to attend and enjoy. We may have small items available for sale like sausage sizzle, drinks and novelties, but this will not amount to anything significant. We rely on the generosity of local business and corporate organisations to donate to the community through our associations events.

We are restricted on space and therefore we only expect a maximum of a thousand people at our largest event. Most of our events expect attendance in the hundreds or less which is why we try and offer diversity from fashion parades, dog days, step up to the microphone nights and poetry nights.

Our location is expected to grow in residents at a vast number in the next few years with another ten apartment blocks and a three star hotel all in walking distance of the train station and our Town Centre.

We are planning for some very exciting times in the future with a growing community.