About Us - The Cockburn Central Town Centre Association

Be apart of it!

We would like to work with you to shape your community the way you like it.

We are currently planning, Fashion Parades, Pets in the Centre, Step up to the Mic nights, Poetry in the centre and  The World Food and Music Festival             

What we do?

The main objective of CCTCA is to create events and happenings within the Cockburn Town Centre for all residents of the City of Cockburn.


Our goal is to work within and for the community to help bring us together through activities and events in the town centre.


Our Last Event - Cockburn Rocks Kids Concert!



Event Testimonials from Town Centre Business owners.

  • Becky from Mooba
    Just like to further congratulate you guys on a fantastic turn out on saturday (For the World Food and Music Festival). I've had lots of great feedback from customers and friends of mine who attended, most are asking when the next one will be already 🙂 The dragons were definitely a favourite and the lady who was belly dancing whilst pregnant has received a lot of love. Well done guys x
  • Tjandra from PostNet
    In recognition of the diversity in the population profile of Cockburn Central, such an event is timely and deserving sincere commendations for the organizers. It is engaging, it is entertaining and just amazing!" Congratulations on your leadership during the event major, thanks to your team and the CCTCA troupe! Cheers!!

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