Come see the Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe performing at the World Food and Music Festival on the 25th of March 2017 at the Cockburn Central Town Centre!
The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe was established in Perth WA in 1978.

The Chinese Community Centre Lion Dance Troupe is a part of the Chinese Community Centre (CCC), which is a not for profit community organisation that is involved in assisting members of the Chinese community as well as promoting cultural awareness in Perth WA. As there were a number of individuals in the CCC who had a strong passion for the Lion Dance, this lead to the formation of the CCC Lion Dance Troupe. The troupe is one of Perths oldest lion dance groups.

There are many purposes of the Lion Dance. One of the main purposes is to get rid of any negative energy and bring great blessings and luck.

The Troupe is made up of individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds, with members taking active participation in martial arts such as MMA, Kung Fu, BJJ, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Members of the troupe also participate in other physical activities such as gymnastics, yoga and body building, with some members being certified personal trainers. The CCC Lion Dance Troupe aim to promote the lion dance as an art that displays expression, physicality and athleticism. Members of the troupe learn and perform the lion dance at a voluntary basis.
The troupe strongly values the sharing of ones culture and aims to teach and educate the art of the lion dance to individuals of all ethnicity’s, allowing active participation. The troupe is always open in welcoming new members to the troupe.
The lion dance is considered as an expression of martial arts and The CCC Lion Dance Troupe’s goal is to perform and promote this traditional art in their unique style. This ultimately contributes towards the promotion of the Chinese Culture and most importantly passes the traditional art to the future generations.

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