To plan, design and construct a world class ANZAC Memorial Precinct in Cockburn Central to serve the following purposes.

    • To provide a central and easily accessed location for present and future residents of Cockburn Central and surrounding suburbs in which the commemoration of the community’s war dead can be honoured.
    • To provide and interpretative trail that serves as a teaching and learning experience that tells the story of our state’s military history and heritage.
    • To compliment the tourist attraction that the Cockburn Central Precinct will become in the future.
    • To provide areas of quiet contemplation and reflection for all members of the community who have been impacted by the loss of a loved one or family member in military service in both peace and war. (Extended to cover WAPOL and Emergency Services.)
    • To provide a suitable location for any resident of the City of Cockburn to have erected a suitable memorial plaque to honour a relative of family member who may not be commemorated elsewhere within the state.
    • To employ modern technology to the best advantage in order tell the “ANZAC Story.”
    • Identify an appropriate site for the erection of a war memorial as a focal point for the conducting of commemoration and reconciliation services.

We wish to make Cockburn Central more pedestrian focused and to remove barriers to pedestrains. With Beeliar Drive bisecting regional centre in half east west, what we  propose here is to remove the barrier bisecting the regional centre North fourth in Midgegaroo.  It will also be conducive to pedestrians accessing the Cockburn ARC without battling traffic via an inadequate traffic light controlled cross walk. A dedicated crossover by duo de sacing Midgegaroo in the central area in this place locating an ANZAC memorial as part of the themed walk from Cockburn Central Station to the Cockburn ARC.

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